Hi, I'm Yanko 👋

I'm a Web Developer and a Database architect

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Hi, I'm Yanko 👋

I'm a Web Developer and a Database architect



I’m working as a developer since 1999. Initially I started with Turbo Pascal 5.5 and Delphi 3.0. At 2003 I started working with PHP 4.1 and MySQL 3.x. During 2004 to the beginning of 2007 I was involved as head developer of Khan Wars. I designed the battle system and some other key parts of the game.

After we split paths with the team I started working as a freelancer on web projects mostly in Symfony 1.x, Wordpress and some e-commerce platforms. With the release of Symfony2 I stopped working with anything else as a platform.

At 2014 I switched exclusively to PostgreSQL (which is the greatest thing I’ve done as a developer) and stopped working on new projects with MySQL.

At the beginning of 2015 I started working on a new MMO RTS game Victus where we developed the whole engine into the database. We had the opportunity to test and use any suitable technology which lead to usage of about 10+ languages in the game, realtime engine written mostly on SQL and plpgSQL. You can see all technologies used in the game here. Working on Victus on several fronts brought me to burnout state and I decided to join a bigger team where I’d have lesser different responsibilities.

I joined Taylor & Hart team working on importing data about 700k diamonds per day from several providers and providing a search API based on various criteria. After a year, at the beginning of March 2018 we split paths.

For a couple of months I designed the database, backend and frontend of an intranet application about events reservations.

At august 2018 I joined Despark’s team where I work at the moment. I had the opportunity to work with a very big project where we had to support 5000 concurrent users, Amazon based elastic servers, replicating databases and many more. Great team, a lot of opportunities and interesting projects.

Next technologies I’m working with and keen to use in production are Citus for database sharding, Hasura, Supabase and mainly TimescaleDB for time-series data.

I’m actively learning Elixir and Phoenix framework which allow things I didn’t imagine that are possible (like LiveView), so I hope soon to have my first production ready deployed project using it.